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My name is Douglas Fink, author of The Everything Easy Crossword Puzzle Book, The Everything Challenging Crosswords Book and Travel Crosswords . I also wrote five large-print crossword books designed for seniors: a travel one, a medium-difficulty one, a hard one, and an entry-level one that's suitable for seniors and kids alike, and one that's still being edited. I've been at senior expos, after several medical studies have pointed to puzzle solvers having reduced likelihood of developing Alzheimer's, including this NPR interview. Want to know more about AVN? Try this.

You can buy personally inscribed books directly from me, the author, for the cover price of $15 per book (no shipping/handling in the U.S.) by e-mailing me.

If you are looking for puzzles at reasonable rates (such as the following), e-mail me:

I construct crosswords, palindromes, anagrams, and other puzzles. Here is a 2012 article about me, an article about me and the Easy book, another article, and some sample puzzles (your loading speed may vary): Easy Unthemed, 8 Sounds Good to Me , It's Easy, Tot Spot, Cinderella films (Justine Magazine), Summer extravaganza (Justine Magazine), Prom (Justine Magazine). The Travel Crossword book's contents can be partially looked at through Google Books. I have three puzzle claims to fame:

Did you want to discuss a puzzle you particularly liked, or report a mistake in one of my puzzles?  Please e-mail me.

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